Don’t Follow Your Heart

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Don’t Follow Your Heart –

Don’t follow your heart
it will be broken

by the power of your master
in pieces it will shatter

your dreams of forever.

Don’t follow your heart
endings will be the start

of unending beginnings

But if weakness
is your courage

and freedom is your cage
then listen to its whisper

Embrace its chapter
of love and hate

Don’t follow your heart
And you’ll meet an ever faithful friend

Who will always be with you
Even in the dawning of the sunset

His name is Regret.


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Heart Changing –

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Doors and Windows

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Doors and Windows – – –

Stop knocking on my door
you need no permission
anytime any hour
you fulfill your mission

sunshine on my windows
the warmth of your pillow
when light is in limbo
i allow you to follow

even with locked doors
and windows
you can always walk
through the walls

because you’re invincible.


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Doors and Windows –

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Believe –

A quote by Shawn Purvis inspired me to create a poetry.

Why do you fear a starless night?
Why does it clip your wings and halt your flight?

You think that when you fall
you can’t take it all?

The starless sky
You blame its might.

But what is a starry dream
if you depend on stars?

Are they supreme and their will is real?

Close your eyes and feel the light.
Through it all and through the darkest night

Your light is within
if you just believe.


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Believe- A Poetry of Faith and Dreams —

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The Uninvited Guest

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The Uninvited Guest –

When you opened the door, do you welcome everything? You’re supposed to. Not a pleasant welcome you know.

It’s never pleasant to welcome an uninvited guest.  You never invited it anyway.
It just comes in quickly as soon as you open the door. You can shoo it away but it will keep knocking.  And sometimes it sneaks in the basement when you left an open window.

And when you hear it speaking in the middle of your sleep, you’ll  think that  you are dreaming.  You’re quite sure you took out the batteries of your clock. No alarm should be heard.  Still , you hear the banging that cripples your restless sleep. You’re sure you muted the speaker so no sounds will preach you while you’re watching from the bleacher.

Watching as it unfolds right before your blinded eyes as you watch yourself on the mirror that always lies.  No, the mirror doesn’t lie, it speaks the truth.  The truth you refused to see. That creepy feeling when you woke up in the morning seeing the water dripping when all you know is you never left your faucet open.

You hold on to the banister as you walk down the stairs.  Every step seems eternity,  but no,  jumping over is really uncalled for. It is never clever to be in a hurry when you have all the time and you’re safe at home.  So you let your feet have its way until you reach the kitchen and see a black cat with glaring red eyes.

You turn on your muted speaker to shoo the cat away. Yes some words are better left unsaid but this time it pays to stand your ground. To let that banging sound scare it.  To your surprise a shadow comes near you. Your reflections reprimanding you that a letter , that has long been in the mail, is waiting to be open.

You wonder what’s in the letter.   You reached for the door knob.  A strong wind welcomes you at the porch.  The letter suddenly appears on the floor. You’re about to pick it when the speaker started screaming “Home is where your heart is.”   You read the letter. The black cat handed you the keys.   Time to leave.   You know it’s never pleasant to welcome an uninvited guest.


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