The Works of Salvador Dali

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The Works of Salvador Dali


Call it coincidence, but at the airport lounge while waiting for boarding, i happened to sit beside a woman holding a magazine.  She noticed that i keep glancing at the magazine, few minutes after, she said “I’m done, You wanna read?”,  I replied “sure”, “I’ll be back, i’ll just go to the washroom, take your time,” she said. so i scan the mag, and saw this article about fashion icons.  Coco Chanel, Salvador Dali, Elsa Schiaparelli and the likes were mentioned in the article.

Little did i know that I was about to get a taste of the icon’s works, just by a mere coincidence again.

I was heading to Marina Bay Sands for the “Skypark “ attraction when i saw this huge flower structure. I asked a young student and he told me it’s the Futuristic Art Science Museum.

“Futuristic” , wow, must be a high tech museum that showcase high technology gadgets or anything related to  future technology or things to come . beyond our wildest dream, something that you see in movies like “The Matrix” or “Mission Impossible.”   So i head right away to that museum. (that’s  the crazy thing about me when i travel, i don’t stick to my iterinary, even if i brought a checklist, i don’t follow it religiously).

Well, i  thought that the view i’ll see on top of the skypark won’t change, so i can go there a few hours later or a day after but the museum’s featured exhibits are always timed, you’ll never know if it’s the first or the last day of the exhibit.

Imagine my surprise when the featured exhibit that time was “The Works of Salvador Dali.”

Why?  First, i was expecting something futuristic and yet the exhibit is something about the past . (Well, art leads us to the future somehow, me rationalizing)   Second,  Do i believe in signs? Just a day before at the airport i was reading an article about Salvador Dali (thanks to that kind stranger) and here i am about to see his works in flesh! haha. So i went inside and start my unplanned adventure, to see how the mind of an artist works, through his life’s depictions in his art works.

Paintings, sculptures in brass, copper, metal and bronze, glass and stone carvings etc.. awesome! Awesome is an understatement, trust me!.

Salvador Dali was a famous clothes designer who once worked for the fabulous house of coco chanel, vogue magazine, elsa schiaparelli. He was also a painter, sculptor and a glass artist (seldom you see in the fashion designers today).

I so love his Floating Dining Artwork, that Fixtures on The Ceiling thing, the kissable red lip chair, the human cabinet (anthropomorphic cabinet) and so on…. .i actually love all of it! Too bad i can’t show everything here.  Anyway, take a peek and enjoy it!



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