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Window shopping at its peak –

I wonder why i have few photos in any shopping malls i’ve been to.

Let me guess.  All of them almost look the same?  Nope not really.  Every shopping mall is distinctive in its own way.  Every mall has its own unique ambiance and feel.

Now i know why i have such a few shopping mall photos.  It’s  because i’m not really a shopaholic or a shopping diva!  I get an  orgasmic feeling (oops, pardon my words) in visiting museums or dropping by in flea markets.

I’m such a cheapskate when it comes to splurge shopping but it doesn’t mean i don’t get excited everytime i hopped  in a mall.

It still offers a variety of experience:

the excitement of letting my fingers run through a mountain of color coded items during the rummage sale and ending up not buying a single thing.                                                                          

(This is not intentional. I’m not here to give store people a hellish experience.  It happened just once,  nope, just  twice,   alright, i admit several times but i do buy when i see something i like.)

the smile in my face when i see an artful window display.

(Artful equals tasteful equals vulgar equals obscene equals tacky,  anything catchy.  Taste is subjective)

 the hedonistic pleasure i derived from watching people as i sit on the bench pretending to be waiting for someone,  when in fact i’m just sitting because i don’t have a single cent to spend on that too good to be true discounted signature items splashed  all over the mall.                                                              

(Did you see that va vaboom lady carrying a handful of  LV’s with her daddy?  Ok i’m not being bitter here.  Envy is a green eyed monster,  jealousy is blue, my eyes are neither of the two)

and that endless rebuttal with a friend proving my point that yes he is really her daddy, not the kind of thing that causes diabetes.  Until someone nearby butts in telling us to mind our own business. Priceless!

 (Look who’s talking, unwanted eavesdropper, if only i could tell her to mind her own business too.)

Who says you need to shop to get ample shopping freebies?  Cliche as it may sound, the best things in life are still free. 🙂



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Eaton Centre Toronto

toronto eaton centre, toronto shopping malls, joys of joel travelsI’m not really a shopaholic, ok, once in a while i got bitten by this adrenalin rush to drop by in the malls because of that to die for once in a century sale event.

There was no off season sale when i was in toronto and still i went inside.

The largest mall here in downtown toronto,  Eaton Centre is a great place to unwind and shop of course.  A colorful maze (not that i got confused finding my way) that will lead you anywhere you like to your sursprised.  A huge foodcourt with thousands of dishes, countless shops and great interior, although its ceiling reminds me of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport’s Ceiling. (How similar or is it just my mind?) That’s what you get when you walk and stroll bringing your lens and your jacket pass lunchtime without anyone in tow.  Good thing a friend arrived buying me a milkshake.  Now she wants to go shopping while i go window scanning.