Can You Name All The Yellow Things

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Can You Name All The Yellow Things? – –

Can You Name All The Yellow Things?
Let me recall through a poem:

Seeing Yellow in a sea of blue
reminds me of the things
that made me smile and sing

Tie a yellow ribbon
and the yellow submarine

The cute smileys,
sunflowers and daffodils

What else are yellow
beside that sun in the sky

The raincoat that i wear
when the clouds start to cry

The yellow cab
not the one that i ate

but the taxi
that drives so slow
when i’m already late

the long bananas
i can’t resist not to bite

the scrambled eggs and the cheese
that sometimes look white

the corn on the cob
the lemon and the butter

the yellow school bus
of my naughty pesky brother

the yellow pencil that you gave
so i can write you a letter

but if there’s one thing
that i’ll always remember

was the not so yellow tears
you gave me last september.


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