I’m All Yours Sunshine

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I’m all Yours Sunshine

It’s so hot in the Philippines now and everytime i feel the summer heat some memories keep flashing again.  Let me recall some of them:

After the alleys and the cobbled streets, we decided to walk in the park and indulge in the typical summer quebec city landscape.

The view of the sunbathers, some half naked, others fully dressed,  not  in the beach, but on a park full of greens.

Oh, what we usually ignore and take for granted in a tropical country is truly anticipated with excitement and enthusiasm in a country endowed with four beautiful seasons.

How i wish i could remember the last time i invitingly said “I’m All Yours Sunshine.”





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Love in Summertime

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Love in Summertime – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

how love
can change
the speed of time

just like an eagle
flying high
or a sand
slowly drifting
from your hand.


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