Bows and Arrows

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Your revenge is never complete until you forgive.

From the sudden plummet to the sound of the blanket
Covering woes , to hide your lost soul.
From a covered blanket to the sound of the trumpet
Withering foes, letting them crawl.

From the blast of the trumpet to the sound of the bells
Treachery shows, dignity sold.
From the chiming of the bells to the depth of the wells
Shuddering blows, bows and arrows.

From the depth of the wells to the muddy water.
Shooting the crows, bows and arrows.
From the drowning water to the wounded master
Serving the throne with a heart of stone.

From the vengeful master to the darkest dungeon
Offering rose with its hidden thorns.
From the deepest dungeon to the fiery dragon
Ravaging ground, Hatred abound.

From the fiery dragon to the hidden cavern
Sinking holes, tricked by the falls.
From the tricky cavern to the bloody casket
Galloping horse, cursed by remorse.

From the bloody casket to the rhythmic sonnet.
Closing the prose.  Eulogy goes.


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A Very Short Story

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A Very Short Story by Joel F. –

Which one is me?  Sometimes i’m the lady, most of the time i’m the man although deep inside i wish i will always be that kid.


Short Story, writngs, joys of joel musings
A Very Short Story by Joel F. – very short story by jel f, joys of joel muisngs, life quotes and poetry

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Baked Goodies

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Baked Goodies –

A day no different from the past not so distant.  You were in you’re 30’s.  You see the window and smiled,  the flowers blooming and the kids are playing.  You went to the kitchen and started baking. The love of your life and the so many blessings.

Your friends are coming and the excitement is overflowing.  A good life, a wonderful family and great friends,  seems you’ve got everything.

A few cups of coffee and a few crunches of baked goodies, your friends shared their stories.   A different air opened some layers. Disbelief or surprise engulfed you like a flame.  You turn off the radio playing the music when you felt the sweet melody disguise the dissonant chord inexplicable by words. What seems to be their good life resonates with yours.

Misery loves company, but you knew you have no reason to complain. Everybody has their own journey.  What struck you most is all these years there’s something missing. How could that be, you’ve got four wonderful loving healthy kids,  a loving husband and a great career.

What is supposed to be  a happy gathering turns into an unhealthy matter. Why linger on fleeting feelings when  you live in an ever changing  world?  They say it’s spiritual, but you said you’re religious. You never miss a church gathering, you live in a happy community.  How could you not see it?

Time flies so fast. Opening the gifts you received on your 60th birthday , you barely say a word.

You whisper to a friend, “Nothing has change”, just a few wrinkles on your face. They laughed. The phone rings, your two daughters.

You said how much you miss them .  Tears flow when they said they miss you and your baked goodies. You’re still waiting for another call. Where is he?  All your friends are here but your family is thousand miles away.

In your heart you knew they  will never forget your birthday. “You’re the best mom in the world”, that’s what your kids were saying in that Yuletide card they sketch and  sealed with their kisses in a not so distant Christmas past.

When all your friends are gone, you  went to your room. Your attention was directed to your achievements. The plaques, the awards, all those recognitions you received from your community.  They’re still with you, on your 60th birthday. What used to be treasured trophies seem meaningless. If you can only hug them.

Just like that distant baked goodie past, the feelings resurfaced. Tears suddenly  flow as  your fingers touched your husband’s photo.

On his death bed, he said you don’t have to worry in your twilight years, everything is well taken care of.  He told you,  he left you a fortune.  Now you’re wondering, you’re only in your 60’s, still way to go on your twilight years and you felt so alone.  Yes, he left you a fortune , you knew what he meant. Your Kids are your fortune. But why are you alone?

You were awakened by a phone call. Your first child, your eldest son.  You knew in your heart he’ll never forget.

You went to the kitchen and wrap the baked goodies.  You were welcomed by the guards as you enter the prison. You see your youngest son smiling.

The sweetest words you’ll ever hear “Happy Birthday Mom, I love You.”  Tears flow from your eyes when you opened the letter. A smile in your heart when you read the words, “Dad says we are your fortune. Nope Mom, you are our fortune. You will always be my fortune. “

You gave him your hug and your baked goodies and he gave you his words.  You knew in an instant, you’re not really alone.


*** A Mother’s love is never over.  As long as someone needs you, your story is always worth sharing. A story i wrote years ago for mother’s day. Thanks to wordpress i’ve got to publish it here on this blog. Happy Mother’s Day!


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