Terracotta Warriors

terracotta warriors, joys of joel photography, random photos of arts, history , museums
Terracotta Warriors, joys of joel random photos

What would you do when you meet a bunch of Stone Hearted Guys?  Have a photo shoot with them, avoid the blinding lights by wearing your shades and fight the need to meet a warm hearted real man.


location :   Asian Civilisations Museum,  Singapore


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Sculpture By The Sea by Mabelively

So happy to find this blog, I can’t let the day pass without sharing this beautiful website by Mabelively

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Blown Away

dalechihuly  I was blown away when i saw this blown glass sculpture by the world renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly right at the stairs of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts! This beautiful floral formation of Persian Colonnade is truly a masterpiece. No photos can ever give justice to its beauty and that’s an understatement.

People Art Installation

people100Within the  Canadian Museum of Civilization ground in Ottawa, one can’t help but notice tall white figures resembling a human form from a far. Only when you walked towards it, you’ll notice that it’s actually figures of people created by Montreal artist Louis Archambault.for Montreal’s Expo ’67, He named it “People”.   You can pose on his several depictions like emblem of the Sun, depiction of a Pregnant Woman, Three Children, Family, Poet , Philosopher and others. . A cool sculpture that shouldn’t be miss  especially if you’re strolling in that serene park besides the ottawa river. – by JoelF

Me standing on "the "Philosopher" depiction of louis
Me standing on “the “Philosopher” depiction of louis
Louis Archambault's "People"
Louis Archambault’s “People”
"Three Children" depiction of Louis Archambault
“Three Children” depiction of Louis Archambault
Several depictions : The Sun. Philosopher, Poet, Three Children, Pregnant Woman, Family, etc.
Several depictions : The Sun. Philosopher, Poet, Three Children, Pregnant Woman, Family, etc.