Music and Bob Marley

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Music and Bob Marley –
Music , the memories it brings, nothing could replicate.
The lyrics you hear may not bring back the pain.
But who says you can’t recall , the scar it leaves after that deadly fall. 
– by Joel F.


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Music –

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Stones and Bob Marley

Walking all the way to the flea market alone and excited,  and arriving in Aloha Stadium with no direction or plans, except to feel the crowd and the products i’m expecting to see.

What is Hawaii without pearls and seashells? Trinkets and Accessories….so many booth selling stones! (hold it, semi precious stones you would normally accentuate in your wardrobe, not the one you were thinking, hmmm).

What caught me by surprise is the air of reggae, Bob Marley’s photos scattered all over the place as if you’re in Jamaica!  Rasta and Reggae wristbands immortalizing Bob Marley.  The color of red, yellow and green even on the cups and juices. I was stoned by surprise!  Hawaii is really a land of  volcanos, rock and stones. You’ll never know what will hit you by surprise.