Why Am I Speechless

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The bright blue sky above the tranquil blue sea, a  small boat reminding me of  life sailing  away.  To find a better shore or just to find some peace, why am I speechless if I have a thousand words to say?

Yes, life is like a river, the stream is always moving.  Moments pass us once but memories keep returning.  Life is also like an ocean, its vastness bewilders me. The serene and calm water with its sudden splashing waves.

Amazed by the sunrise as I look at the great ocean view, reminding me that today is no longer yesterday .  Yet, why am i frightened by a beautiful sunset? Perhaps because the fading sun welcomes darkness and its hues, reminding me that daylight needs to rest and need to stray the view.

And if I jump and start to follow the promise of a beautiful shore, I might get adrift by the whims of the ocean’s lore.  But if I choose to stay and hold on for one more day,  will everything stays the same as the boat has sailed away?

*** An excerpt from my not so worn out diary.  Not my current state of mind, i just want to use a corresponding story for the photo. Oh, why am i explaining? I should be speechless right? 🙂

** photos taken in Bohol, Philippines


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Hand in Hand

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A child to make you stay, a hand that makes you hang on.  A lover who holds you long.  Friends and Family who treasures you all along. Whoever, whatever it is , truly it will never be a long walk if someone is holding your hand.

A beautiful scene i captured in Quebec City not too long ago.  Hand in Hand i remember someone who’s there  to lend a hand.


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The Empty Bench

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Nothing to do
so i look for photos i’ve taken

Random everyday sceneries
long captured by my lens

Creating a storyline
for my crazy mind

The pictures and the lines
are all mine

So please don’t steal it
if you want to use it

Enjoy and don’t be cruel
give credit to joys of joel.


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