My Solo Flight

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a poem by Eugene Gutierrez

Moment of Solitude
As i’m sailing by
Dark gloom and serenity
Envelopes the sky.

The Stranger’s chatter
While i’m on my own
Seething thoughts of reflections
And being alone.

At times i get lonely
And emptiness creeps within
Befriending new faces
To let the sunshine in.

It is amazing to know
Each one has got to tell
And find them understand
Exactly what i feel.

Alone but not lonely
This is what it entails
Sometimes we rule the world
Sometimes we badly fail.

– poem created by my friend Eugene Gutierrez (Thanks Eugene for allowing me to publish your poem.)




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Prejudice –


Red roses are so inviting
The fiery color you can’t resist.

Thorns that might be hurting
The wound that bleeds as it persists.

Petals in yellow, pink or orange
Silent voices that sound so foreign.

Blindly believing that red roses
Are the only roses that exist.


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The Untrained Master

beautiful love poem by joys of joel, love quote by ernest hemingway
The Untrained Master –

I thought i am the master
until i was enslaved by you.

Nothing could be more true
than what Ernest Hemingway once knew.

No matter how many times
we’ve been through it

We’ll always be the apprentice
who’ll never say adieu.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.