Purple Sky

purple sky, poem about the purple sky, joys of joel poems, photography by kim mediano
Photography by kim Mediano , Poetry by Joel F.

A new dawn is welcome by a sunrise
But not always with a blue or yellow sky

The little ship that brings some light
will soon arrive and greet the morning star.

Still water and yellow trees
will calm and wipe your purple tears.

And if somehow the purple sky
embraces you with all its hues

Just hold on for it won’t be long
the sun will rise to change its song.


Thanks Kim Mediano  for the above photo.

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F.  All Rights Reserved.






Believe quote, starry dream quote, shawr purvis , joys of joel poems, poetry
Believe – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

A quote by Shawn Purvis inspired me to create a poetry.

Why do you fear a starless night?
Why does it clip your wings and halt your flight?

You think that when you fall
you can’t take it all?

The starless sky
You blame its might.

But what is a starry dream
if you depend on stars?

Are they supreme and their will is real?

Close your eyes and feel the light.
Through it all and through the darkest night

Your light is within
if you just believe.


Believe, joys of joel poems, a poetry of faith and dreams, lthe light within
Believe- A Poetry of Faith and Dreams — https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.






Raindrops on Our Hair

After a few hours of traveling by bus from Toronto, we arrived in Montreal at exactly 10:45 pm with rains on our heads.  My friend said what a way of welcoming us….shower of blessings, couldn’t agree more.

Although i’ve been to Canada several times since i always drop by in Canada everytime i visit the United States,  this is actually my first time in Montreal.

Flying all the way from Vancouver to Toronto, my friend Lovely convinced me that once i’m in Toronto, it would be a big mistake if i don’t visit  Montreal, and she was right……rain showers must have been a sign of what’s in store for us, endless shower of fun!

hotel y dela montreal
hotel y dela montreal

We arrived on the bus terminal and start walking to the hotel amidst the pouring rain and a slight confusion, thanks to Lovely and her wit we were able to take the right direction.

While Olive was saying “My luggage is all wet,” “mine too ” said Lovely ,i talked back and told them :  how in the world can you girls buy a waterproof mascara and yet you can’t buy a waterproof bag? ….it was just a joke ,i know nobody would wish to rain  when one travels and i know their bags are waterproof of some sort.

After checking in the hotel, we decided to eat on a local pizzeria a few steps away from the hotel. as i am really starving….who wouldn’t ?  two girls as traveling buddies who are always strictly on diet.

Well, that remains to be seen and somehow in the middle of our sojourn ,i know both of them will break their Moses Commandment and that is “Thou shall not eat when one is not really famish!”  lol….

It is  still raining in the morning.. but no rain , not even a storm will prevent me from roaming in montreal. I didn’t travel this far just to stay in the hotel.  Just like Mary Poppins (oh Olive and Lovely reallly have an ala Mary Poppins photo…wait and see..hehehe), we rode a train and off we go to what the locals call “The Old Montreal.”  I love the subway in montreal, every station has its own character.

The first thing we did was visit the cathedral, lots of  pictorials outside and in the cathedral …..stolen shots they say since one was not allowed to take pictures inside the church,as what the old lady was telling us. I obliged but  the two girls did not. We went inside several shops , bought souvenirs, had lunch, visited museums  and off we go for another train ride to watch a puppy pageant and another train ride to see stade and biodome.

We practically almost scout the whole area from downtown to  old montreal to every train stops.  We would start the day at 6 am and practically return to the hotel by  past midnight, non stop, we only pause for breakfast, lunch and dinner because as my two friends said  they are “tired and famished”  lol,. the door

Sculptural glass work by Dale Chihuly infront of Musee Des Beaux-Arts de Montreal (The Montreal Musuem of Fine Arts)
Sculptural glass work by Dale Chihuly infront of Musee Des Beaux-Arts de Montreal (The Montreal Musuem of Fine Arts)

.Lovely is so right,  good thing i drop by in Montreal. otherwise i wouldn’t  really witness the greatest show on earth : Cindeoldmontrealrella and her wet shoes and The Runaway Girl.. a glimpse of the tempest and the lioness when they are struck not by lightning but by Famish.

How i wish i could tell.  Well, a trip is not an adventure unless you have little secrets. 178 🙂  – By Joel F.    





plaza de montreal
plaza de montreal
metal art
metal art
Musee D'art Contemporain de Montreal
Musee D’art Contemporain de Montreal
asking fo the best diet tips...hehehe
asking for the best diet tips…
Biodome de Montreal
Biodome de Montreal
Ateliers de Creation -Galerie Les Visiteurs a'l' oeuvre
Ateliers de Creation -Galerie Les Visiteurs a’l’ oeuvre
 montreal's subway  stattions
montreal’s subway stations
naughty in montreal
naughty in montreal
Notre Dame Basilica -Montreal
Notre Dame Basilica -Montreal
Breaking the Moses Commandment....lol
Breaking the Moses Commandment….lol
lucien L'allier subway station
lucien L’allier subway station


art installation in one of the subway stations
art installation in one of the subway stations
eating french ..french resto that serves yummy french cuisine
eating french ..french resto that serves yummy french cuisine
night time in montreal
night time in montreal


mary poppins in red
mary poppins in red
global dog pageant
global dog pageant
montreal pizzeria
montreal pizzeria
my first montreal meal (not french but mediterranean,,hehe)
my first ever montreal meal (not french but mediterranean,,hehe)