The Red Wine

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The Red Wine –

While you dance to the music
and was swayed by its acoustics

Do you dance to its beat
or fooled by the heat?

When you drink that tempting red wine,
do you drink all its mix

you think that the kicks
are worth all the tricks?

So you wiggle ’til tomorrow
Masquerading your sorrows

The cut that is benign
Ignoring all the signs

but a healthy heart needs a red wine
a love that makes you young

It hits you with a bang
while you were cheered by the gang

but when the party is over
and you deal with hang over

Do you see a helping hand
from those who beat the drums?

As they roll the dice
while you ‘holler and try

that ledge and made it your table
while they watch the cookie crumbles.

the red wine, joys of joel poems, poem about the people that you keep, awakening, friendship
The Red Wine –


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Rumor Has It

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Rumor Has it –

How Do You Know what you know?
Through the windows of your ears
or your eyes that depend
on your one sided sight?

Is it when the crowd
has shouted out loud
that one thing that reverberated
all over the town?

When people talk
behind your back
and almost gave you
your anxiety attack

Rumor has it
that gossips are snacks
for people who act
like magazine racks.

But why would you care
if it hurts you not?
Believe it or not
You life won’t stop

The Rumor you heard about him
might be true
but then it might be fake
like that bitch who told you.

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The San Francisco Twins

sanfranciscotwinsDuring my numerous trips to San Francisco, i have countless encounters with these ladies while strolling in the city. Marian and Vivian Brown , the famous twins who wear matching print outfits , fondly called The San Francisco Twins who appeared in several television shows and commercials for Apple, AT&T, Reebok, Virgin Atlantic was truly the most celebrated twins in the city. I remember seeing them  when i was in  Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and even at the nearby resto several times.  Of course during that time  i have no idea who they were, i was just fascinated by their matching outfits and their vivacity sashaying the streets of San Fo  so i had my photo taken with them until i showed our photos to a friend. She told me “you just bumped with the San Francisco Twins.”  Oh, what a lucky day, so the next time i saw them, i gave them a white mother of pearl necklace. Too bad i lost  the thank you card they gave me while packing my things on the way to chicago.  Fond memories!