The Uninvited Guest

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The Uninvited Guest –

When you opened the door, do you welcome everything? You’re supposed to. Not a pleasant welcome you know.

It’s never pleasant to welcome an uninvited guest.  You never invited it anyway.
It just comes in quickly as soon as you open the door. You can shoo it away but it will keep knocking.  And sometimes it sneaks in the basement when you left an open window.

And when you hear it speaking in the middle of your sleep, you’ll  think that  you are dreaming.  You’re quite sure you took out the batteries of your clock. No alarm should be heard.  Still , you hear the banging that cripples your restless sleep. You’re sure you muted the speaker so no sounds will preach you while you’re watching from the bleacher.

Watching as it unfolds right before your blinded eyes as you watch yourself on the mirror that always lies.  No, the mirror doesn’t lie, it speaks the truth.  The truth you refused to see. That creepy feeling when you woke up in the morning seeing the water dripping when all you know is you never left your faucet open.

You hold on to the banister as you walk down the stairs.  Every step seems eternity,  but no,  jumping over is really uncalled for. It is never clever to be in a hurry when you have all the time and you’re safe at home.  So you let your feet have its way until you reach the kitchen and see a black cat with glaring red eyes.

You turn on your muted speaker to shoo the cat away. Yes some words are better left unsaid but this time it pays to stand your ground. To let that banging sound scare it.  To your surprise a shadow comes near you. Your reflections reprimanding you that a letter , that has long been in the mail, is waiting to be open.

You wonder what’s in the letter.   You reached for the door knob.  A strong wind welcomes you at the porch.  The letter suddenly appears on the floor. You’re about to pick it when the speaker started screaming “Home is where your heart is.”   You read the letter. The black cat handed you the keys.   Time to leave.   You know it’s never pleasant to welcome an uninvited guest.


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My Favorite Ghost Movies

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Halloween and All Soul’s Day

I have to write a blogpost regarding these events and i am in a quandary as what to post.

Should i make a beautiful artwork of my past halloween photos, those flirty gay costumes that led to a one night stand somewhere in west hollywood?

or narrate my real life ghost stories, the “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” kind of thing that almost resemble that Bruce Willis Sixth Sense movie?

Hmm, or just post something about My Favorite Ghost Movies. Let Me think.

All right, i’ll go with the subtle one first : My Favorite Ghost Movies (listed in no particular order just like those finalists in Miss Universe contest).

Somewhere in Time (Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour)

This is a classic movie. This is the very first movie that made me cry. Why? Honestly? Simply because i don’t understand the story.

I was in grade school playing with my neighbor when her sister and her sister’s gay friends started screaming because they’ll be watching the gorgeous mister superman christopher reeve.

While I was playing dolls with my gal pal, I’m also watching the film, although I never really understood the plot as my playmate keep talking to me.

What I knew was this film made the gay guys cry and I don’t know why I also cried with them . And when they started singing that “Somewhere in Time “ song, I can see in their faces that they really mean every word of it. ( which I later understood when I had my first broken heart )

Years after during my high school days I look for this film and this time watch it all alone and oh boy, it’s really a touchy movie. Looking back I can say it’s not your typical ghost story. It’s actually more of a fantasy love story , more of a time travel , back to the past sort of thing.

Ghost (Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg)

What can I say? Another movie that made me cry but this time I knew why.

A commercial success that proves that a ghost movie need not be that horrifying and grotesque to be a blockbuster hit.

I love Demi Moore , her beautiful face and trendy short hair is unforgettable and that lip lock with Whoopi is such an epic scene for me. Beautiful.

This movie shows what true love is all about even after death.

And who would ever forget Ghost theme song “Unchained Melody”, the ghost song that riveted all over the radios and pop charts even years after the movie was shown.

Just Like Heaven (Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo)

One of my favorite Reese Witherspoon’s movie. This is a heartwarming cute love story This is about an architect falling in love with the spirit of the woman who used to live in his apartment.

Well, I don’t really have to tell you the whole story. I’m not making a review here either. I just like this movie and I like Reese Witherspoon . ( and Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep who happened to be not in this movie 😉 )

The Sixth Sense ( Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment)

“I see dead people….. all the time. They don’t know they’re dead. They’re everywhere.”

Truly one of my favorite ghost movies.

Some people may not agree with me but there are things that up to now science can’t still explain and seeing dead people or ghosts is one of them. Some call it a gift, others call it a curse.

Whatever it is, this movie made me realized that whatever gift you have, one must always use it for the right reasons.

The brilliant performance of a young guy haley would really make you believe he is scared to death, and really seeing ghosts. Superb acting.

And yes, this movie is also all about love, being accepted for who you are and believing in yourself even if others call you a freak .

This movie made me cry again. (I am such a cry baby and who would ever think a ghost movie would make me shed tears?)

The Others (Nicole kidman)

“ Death of a loved one can lead people to do the strangest things.”

“Sometimes the world of the living gets mixed up with the world of the dead”

Such a brilliant way of storytelling. One thing good about this movie is the way the story is being narrated.

The suspense, the angst of putting you at the edge of your seat just by making you think.

The unexpected twist in the ending.

This is not a typical ghost story where you have to scream at every scene, where you need dark cinematography to scare your wits.

Its simple no frills, no high technology make up or production , can still make you think and wonder what the hell is going on and still end up not being shortchange.

Truly a masterpiece. I must say This is my All Time Favorite Ghost Movie.

The Ghostbusters (Dan Akroyd)

Enough of the heavy ones. This film is a mushy ghost movie that made me laugh. The only ghost movie where I keep laughing.

The plastic gadgets that we all bought on a mall just to appear cool during Halloweens. This movie is a crap, but the only crap that I really love.

And nothing can be funnier when you sing that song “If there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

Unforgettable song for growing kids, who would ever imagine we would sing and dance this on our Christmas Presentation and it’s not even Halloween.


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Premonition –


The tricks of the mind as it covers the night.
With no one in sight and no directions for guide.

Suddenly you feel a glow in the dark.
You followed the feel, the instinct inside.

A chirping sound, a cold freezing air,
as if someone is embracing you there.

You reached that part when you open the door,
a spiral stair occurs from nowhere.

You insist it’s not true, just a trick of your mind,
but how can it be when your eyes can’t lie?

You follow the steps of the spiral stair
believing that something else is out there.

You utter the words and say it in jest
for once you knew the power of a prayer.

A mixture of scents greet you as you wonder,
why candles surround a white box full of flowers.

As you step closer to look and discover,
a face of a friend reflected on the wall.

Vibrant lights and a galaxy of strobes
welcome you as a sense of peace engulfed your soul.

Two nights later a loud cymbal rang out from your phone.
A message was delivered but fear was not its tone.

You listened to the news
and utter a prayer.

You pick up the key from the spiral stair’s door
and open a threshold for whatever the future holds.-


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