At The Airport


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At The Airport –


At the airport you left your sorrow
To fly somewhere for a hopeful tomorrow.

You hand your ticket to check in your luggage
Weigh in and get rid of your excess baggage.

Frisked and screened at the xray machine
Nothing to hide except your love that’s a sin.

You enter the gate and wait for the boarding
At the airport where no one will be watching.

As you enter the plane looking for your seat
Reminds you of the time you were hiding the cheat.

Now the crew is explaining and in detail they are showing
Where to find your life vest if the plane will be crashing.

Like a heart that is drowning, the affair that is diving
You think can be rescued if both of you started leaving.

The seatbelt you are locking, this time no one’s blocking
This is what you’ve been waiting, tomorrow he’ll be boarding.

In the middle of the flight, a speaking recurring dream
His wife is crying while your husband is calling.

Awakened by a scream, turbulence suddenly starting.
Looking at the window, lightning starts to follow.

Holding on to your prayer, to make you feel stronger
Believing in the promise  that you will still be together.



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The Other People

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Take Time For Yourself, You deserve it.

Hurrying as the sun sets
Hovering one’s senses
Pausing to open the window
To buy flower from a stranger.

Surprise to discover
We’ve got time for other people
To notice what they offer
Things we don’t remember.

Walking fast on the street
No looking back on quick feet
Until someone asks directions
Other people halt our motion.

No time to taste the cake
We are too busy doing the bake
Until we hear that intruding phone call
We’ve got ample time for other people.

Forgetting to see the rainbows
No time to pause and look for halos
Until the twilight say hello
If only we are the other people.



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Jump for Love

Jump for Love, love can make you fly, joys of joel writings, catch me im falling
If you say jump, i’d say how high?

Just like the song “Love can make you fly”, sometimes i’d ask “How deep is your love?” before i jump for love and take the risks as long as you made me feel i’ve got you beneath my wings.





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Untold Wishes

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a line from his song

I know action speaks louder than voice but sometimes you need to say out loud what you really want because mind reading is not a gift everyone has.  Just like that unopened letter, you’ll never know what’s in it until you open it.


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