The Lamp and The Curtain

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The Lamp and the Curtain –


I need a curtain to block the heat
from the rays of the blinding sun

but it doesn’t mean i want it dark
i need a light to see your hand

Just like you that lights my life
like that lamp shade i need at night

Sometimes you are my curtain
protecting me from all the pain

when i look through the window
and see the sun and my shadow

You are the lamp and the curtain
although sometimes i’m uncertain

asking why it’s ironic
it blocks the view of truth and logic

when a little light is all i need
yet i dare to see it leave.

the lamp and the curtain, joys of joel poem, poem about lamp and curtain, reflections, photography
The Lamp and The Curtain — –


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Just Follow the Light and It will be All Right

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Just follow the Light –


The world is a stage and the lights are off.  A light can be a sign , for others it can be a path.

A writer once said there will always be light at the end of the tunnel, for him it means hope.  The light that beckons from a far that inspires the weary to keep going.

For some it is comparable to the candle that melts while giving light just like a used man, melting away his moments while being used for someone’s day.

Useful but not for so long, it turns all his mighty strength into a melted wax for a splinter of a purpose , vaguely appreciated and acknowledged but mostly overlooked and ignored.

It is not the light per se but the will to light up that really gives hope. The act of finding a reason, searching for any validation for that unfulfilled purpose.

The willful disobedience to the gloom of darkness that pervades while the storm is uprooting one’s confidence even if the stars are aligned to one’s disbelief.

The moment of unsurpassed illusion of  the inevitability of life’s continuous spin regardless where the wind is blowing. To whom it is pointing, to where it is leading.

In the midst of this all, one’s destiny might be within moments of unfolding  but fate has its way of intervening.

The sarcasm or the power of the world where one can either act or watch the play as it test our faith.

Somehow in the end, just follow the light and you’ ll see,  it will be all right. Because You are The Light.    –  By Joel F.


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