The Voicemail

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Should i listen to the past
When it calls and ask me back?

They say i better turn my voicemail on
The past is not really worth to mention

No need to answer when it calls
Leave it stale in the voicemail

What if the past is my extension
And still need my full attention

When some questions are in contention
The voicemail steals its revelations

Until i see the dawning sky
The birds that nest as time flies by

Like searching needles in a haystack
Some things are not worth  looking  back.


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Puppy Love and My Purple Bike

Puppy Love and My Purple Bike, childhood, joys of joel poem, biking, moments, how to bike and not to fall
Puppy Love and My Purple Bike – – –


The dancing leaves
The sound of wheels
The ringing bells
And the soft wind breeze.

The stars at night
That sparkle and shine
While i ride my bike
To see you that night.

The bridge that i crossed
As the river flows
Into your arms
I’m suddenly tossed.

The smile in my face
When i see the door
A few steps to take
And i’ll be on your floor.

The lights went out
When i heard a voice
Longing to shout
That it made a choice.

The stars start to hide
As the wind replied
The kiss that i see
And it’s not for me.

I turn and walk away
With no words to say
Your eyes can’t lie
They’re saying goodbye.

As i ride my bike
With nowhere to go
I close my eyes
Tears start to flow.

As i crossed the bridge
On a starless sky
Lightning strikes
On a rainy moonlight.

Now i’m riding my bike
And pass the same road
It looks different this time
As i paused and slowed

A smile on my face
As i crossed the bridge
Remembering the rain
That i thought won’t go away.

Embraced by the sun
Kissed by the wind
I’m still riding my bike
Through the cycles of life.


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5 Things I Learned after Visiting the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

I was in vegas  when i saw a bus load of strangers passed by. I overheard a tourist saying “that’s it, it’s all mountains, nothing really to see.”   Crazy as i was, i ask the lady what mountain, and she smiled and say, “oh, the grand canyon.”

I instantly recalled that just a few days ago i pass a small kiosk where a young guy was  handing  out tour packages about the canyon.  I’ve got only two days left in vegas so i decided to jump in the bandwagon before i head to florida.

I’m glad i heard that lady or else i wouldn’t have a grand experience. Great sight,  seeing the canyon from the top made me realize that the world is really unimaginably vast, not that i don’t know that:  its breathtaking views and the changing colors of the horizons as you see it from different viewing decks was mesmerizing.

 Looking back at my photos and reminiscing the moments, i come up with things i learned after or during my grand canyon experience.

     1.  Don’t be afraid to ask help.

I went there alone and saw families, lovers, friends having their photos taken together, laughing, chatting.  One guy saw me holding my camera and offered his help in taking my photo. Perhaps he is a mind reader , he could have sensed i love the view , i can’t afford to  leave without having my photo souvenirs  or he just sensed i was too shy to ask help.  I thanked him for that,  by the way the guy is cute.  🙂

       2.   We create our own reality.  

You climb the top and you  see several views.  For some they can just see all mountains, others might see all clouds,  It all depends on how you see it or how you feel about it .  A fallen leaf can be a symbol of  a beginning or a sign of an end, it really depends on how you see it.

      3.     You will get there.

Along the climb one can get tired especially  if you’re  walking alone.   A young couple in the souvenir shop told me i’ve got to go to the rim and see the view. I ask the lady how far it is and how long would it take me to reach the rim.  Her boyfriend replied “quite far but dont ya worry, you’ll get there.”   I was surprised by his remark because i was expecting an exact answer like “just go straight, turn left, would actually take you 15 minutes ….”   but he gave a sharp answer and  it made sense in the end.  He was right, it might be far but for a heart that is willing, eventually “you will get there.”

     4.  You are not alone.    Sometimes life might make us think we are climbing alone.  For whatever reasons, no matter how much validation we get when it seems that nobody is there, one can still be surprise that a moment or a twist of event will make you realized that you are never really alone.

     5.    The fifth lesson i learned…. well, that there are more than 5 things one can learned when you travel whether going to the grand canyon or the niagara falls.  Be it 5 or 50 , again it depends on how you see it. If you want to add something, just let me know.  grandcanyon1Share your stories, i’m here to listen.

5 Things I Learned After Visiting The Grand Canyon

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