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Believe –

A quote by Shawn Purvis inspired me to create a poetry.

Why do you fear a starless night?
Why does it clip your wings and halt your flight?

You think that when you fall
you can’t take it all?

The starless sky
You blame its might.

But what is a starry dream
if you depend on stars?

Are they supreme and their will is real?

Close your eyes and feel the light.
Through it all and through the darkest night

Your light is within
if you just believe.


Believe, joys of joel poems, a poetry of faith and dreams, lthe light within
Believe- A Poetry of Faith and Dreams —

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Resurrection –

keeping your faith
during the darkest hours.

Seeing the light
and keeping your hope alive.

Just hold on
because the sun will rise.

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resurrection, easter sunday, raising hope and faith on easter sunday, the sun will rise, joys of joel
Resurrection – A Poetry of Faith and Hope …….

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The Boat Ride

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The Boat Ride –


Life is like a boat ride. It comes in different boats and vessels.  Huge or small, in whatever shape or form.

It may come in golden moments just like that cruise on a beautiful sunset.  Memorable moments with screams and laughters just like that unforgettable banana boat ride.

Sometimes it scares you when you feel all alone in that small canoe,  in the middle of the vast ocean when storm is brewing and wave’s flashing.

There are times it gives you thrills as you reach your peak while you do that white water rafting, not alone but with a team who took risks, just like family sticking with you come hell or high water.

And no matter how big or small the boat you’re riding,  and how calm the weather is,  you still feel that bouncy bumpy moment, making you wonder why the ride is not smooth sailing when everything seems right.

Sometimes, even if you knew that it’s not a one dimensional journey when you thread on that deep unpredictable water, you still hop in because the boat is coming.

No amount of nausea inducing ride can stop you from trying the ride. Deep inside, you believe you can always adjust the sails because you are the captain.

And even if sometimes life makes you feel you’re just a passenger, you still hold on to that rail.  Clutching your bag of prayers, hoping that the captain will steer it right, believing that nothing is really hopeless.

No time to stand, wait and hope that another boat is coming.  You jump, dive in and swim with faith as your life vest and hope as your anchor.

It doesn’t really matter this time if you know how to swim.  What matters is you know how to find your way.  This time you knew that when the sea gets rough, you don’t look at the water swirling around you.  It will only make you feel worse and scare you more.

Just look at the horizon far away.  It’s the only stable thing when the ride is bumpy.  And that horizon will make you hold on because you deserve to be there.

And you will thank yourself for trying the boat ride.  Because now you know the answer.




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The Train is Coming

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The Train is Coming – – –


Suddenly a train  of thought touched me as i glance and peek at my via rail pic.  The poetry of the saying that the mind replays what the heart can’t delete.


Heading to somewhere

with no one in tow.

My backpack and myself

to a place i never know.


Nothing on hand

but a few things to keep at hand.

Expectations and tickets

to board that long rail tram.


Waiting for the sound

that serves as alarm.

The train is coming

get up and stop dreaming.


For once it stop

and you’re not all awake.

The moment will pass,

and again you’ll be waiting.


Better be aware

that they come on time,

for the train is coming

and in time

you must hop in.


but if  the train

did not stop

and the doors are all closed,

be patient and keep standing

soon the right train

will be coming.


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