The Empty Bench by Joel F

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The Empty Bench – – –

Nothing to do
so i look for photos i’ve taken

Random everyday sceneries
long captured by my lens

Creating a storyline
for my crazy mind

The pictures and the lines
are all mine

So please don’t steal it
if you want to use it

enjoy it and don’t be cruel
give credit to  Joys of Joel.


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A Quote by John Lennon

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A quote by john lennon –

Where’s my planner?
Do i still need it?

How about my hammer
so i can nail it

To look ahead
get out of my bed

Prepare and be aware
and learn to read

That life is not a book
that was printed in advance

or carved in stone
can’t change what’s on hand

So i look up in the sky
pray and do my share

appreciate that falling star
sit on that empty chair

on which i alone
can fulfill the purpose of my soul

while others are making plans
when i’m resting on my home.

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Broken –

After a movie marathon of old classic films.  I decided to watch Dorothy again in the classic  Wizard of  Oz.

Why is it that i always remember movie lines about love?  Broken heart, broken dreams and a lot of broken things.

Nope i’m not broken now , i’m whole but not complete.   And i’m ok this way.

Why?  Don’t ask me please, or you might break my heart once you start asking.

I don’t want to flag my brain with too many questions that leave me speechless.

Besides,  i don’t want to open my mouth and validate that truthful line once said by the scarecrow:

    ” I don’t know.  But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking… don’t they?”

And sometimes i’m one of them.



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The Story is Not Over Yet

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The Story Is Not Over Yet – – –

Staring at the blank moving wall,  now called wallpaper, the memories keep flashing like a movie scene. I’m still in a state of confusion as to what usually follows after finishing the sentence not with a period but with a colon that never belong to a conjunction of a subliminal past and paradoxical present.

i truly cannot understand why a tinge of justification was needed for that fleeting moment of indecision or bad judgment.  Nope, it is not to be judged, i know in due time it is only to be understood.

The truth in not knowing the value of the moment until it became a memory.  That obsequious feeling of driving a wheel ,  disregarding the traffic rules inspite of  knowing that dangers will be waiting for breaking the stone that rocks the cradle.

The cradle that was all taken care of from infancy to puberty.  The adolescence of the mind brainwashing humans that ignorance is a bliss. Until adulthood teaches you that it’s only a bliss until you take the risk.

The paradox of following your bliss believing that you can strive for anything.  Anything is possible,  even screaming sky is the limit.   You can have anything but not everything.  An oxymoron parable that sounds better than the aesop’s fable.

The fable that shows human  frailties using the art of narrating the pros and cons of an action with its lessons.  Realization of the long forgone wishes.  Pushing boundaries and eventually stepping over them.  The pursuit to fill your bucket list with the unending whispers that the story is not over yet but too late to edit the page.

Yes, the book was already printed,  but the story is not over yet.



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