Women are Persons (Ottawa)

ottawawomenarepersonsI have seen this tribute to the Famous Five in Quebec City, and again this time In The Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Well  known as The Famous Five (Women are Persons) , five Canadian women who fought for women’s rights and suffrage.

This sculpture was made by edmonton artist Barbara Paterson as a tribute to the famous five.

Women are Persons (Quebec City)

womenslib2 A tribute to women’s courage and rights!  This is what this larger than life monument is  all about. We were walking in the streets of quebec city when we saw this thing. This monument entitled “Women are Persons” is a tribute to courageous women who fought for women’s right to suffrage in the early days. No wonder i always see this in every major city i went to, be it in the park, sidestreets or museums.   – by JoelF

Quebec City
Quebec City