Storms and Kisses

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Storms and Kisses –

Why do you expect a rainbow
when you’re afraid of storms?

Did i let all my fears
stop you from being near?

Why do you expect a sunrise
when the moon didn’t say goodbye?

Do you expect it to follow
every dawning of the sky?

Then why do you want my kisses
if you only want the roses?

Because you think that all the tears
are not really worth it?

And if you say goodbye
because you hate to cry

I won’t stop you from leaving.
I hate to see you grieving.



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Fair Expectations

fair expectations, life is fair its the world thats not, expect greater, expect the unexpected
Expect The Unexpected

Yes,  it’s your nature to be fair but it’s also the scorpion’s nature to sting.  The world is a huge jungle, if you want to get your lion’s share you should expect the unexpected.  Do not expect to be unscathed or unbitten while you hike that trail.  Fair expectations and all those complications, a truthful confirmation that it won’t be easy to fulfill your journey but it will be all worth it.




Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.