The Wealthy Shoplifter

The wealthy Shoplifter, joys of joel poems, poem about love, regrets and amibtion
The Wealthy Shoplifter – – –

Writing love letters
The wealthy shoplifter
Stealing hearts
by buying their silvers.

Refusing the green tea
of serenity and simplicity
by drinking from the fountain
of gold coins and silver mountains

Stealing the innocence
of true love and be smitten
by the shiny shimmering sparkles
of white and pink diamonds.

Laces and Ribbons
Tied with its invitations
Faking one’s emotions
Enticed by the gold bullions.

Tears despite the glitters
memories so hard to remember
simple joys and laughters
stolen by the wealthy shoplifter.

The Wealthy Shoplifter, joys of joel poems, love and ambition
The Wealthy Shoplifter –



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