Eternal Flame

eternal flame, joys of joel poems, poem about love, passion and addiction
Eternal Flame – – –

Blackhole and orange lights
inducing its spiral sights

Tricky gates of freedom
leading to so called wisdom

Circles in orange hues
blocking the truthful views

The music of its drums
the promise of your mighty kingdom

Covering all my shame
You are my eternal flame.


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poem about addiction, love, passion, ambition, joys of joel poems
Eternal Flame –

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My Blue and White Umbrella

poem about rain and umbrella, quote about umbrella, rain, joys of joel poems
My Blue and White Umbrella –
They say that the sun won’t shine until you put the umbrella away.  But how could it be if you are both my umbrella and my rain?

The blues that i knew when the rain starts to sing.
No matter what they say, i can’t really dance in the rain.

Even if i got the umbrella to shelter me
Deep inside i knew, i’ll never be free.

So i waited for the sun
and threw the umbrella in my hand.

but still, i can’t understand,
why the heat, i can’t totally withstand.

My blue and white umbrella i instantly recall
I suddenly need it when the sun shines after all.

I close my eyes
and finally realized

it’s because
sometimes you are my umbrella
but most of time , you are my rain.


my blue and white umbrella, joys of joel poems, rain and umbrella quotes
My Blue and White Umbrella –

Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.






A Sensual Halloween by Felicity Johns

Love to share this erotic poetry by  Felicity.  Who says you can’t be sensual this halloween?


I need your flesh

Your ragged breath

Your aching cock

Electric shock

I need your tongue

Just this once

Your hungry hands

Your impatience

But just as much

It is your lust

Your raking stare

Desire flares

That desperate note

Inside your moan

Of passion’s truth

That says “I want you.”

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