The Falling Teacup

fiction, murder, poetry, life, love, crimes of passion

Bruise that persists
you hold the cup in your fist
spitting the poison
in disguise as a kiss.

Forsaken emotions
like a potent potion
escaping delusions
atrocious devotion.

The falling of the teacup
as the sound of a hiccup
alarms like a warm up
to the ultimate wrap up.

Killing with a bullet
the pills on her goblet
unsure if it’s coming
burying the hatchet.

Pleading and begging
keep on beating
pulling the trigger
while he is screaming.

The demons that you unleashed
acting like a beast
no trace beneath
that you were a priest.

Asking forgiveness
they will never witness
vicious and fearless
the unforgiving mistress.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.