Bows and Arrows

bows and arrows, poetry about revenge, forgiveness, writings, musings
Your revenge is never complete until you forgive.

From the sudden plummet to the sound of the blanket
Covering woes , to hide your lost soul.
From a covered blanket to the sound of the trumpet
Withering foes, letting them crawl.

From the blast of the trumpet to the sound of the bells
Treachery shows, dignity sold.
From the chiming of the bells to the depth of the wells
Shuddering blows, bows and arrows.

From the depth of the wells to the muddy water.
Shooting the crows, bows and arrows.
From the drowning water to the wounded master
Serving the throne with a heart of stone.

From the vengeful master to the darkest dungeon
Offering rose with its hidden thorns.
From the deepest dungeon to the fiery dragon
Ravaging ground, Hatred abound.

From the fiery dragon to the hidden cavern
Sinking holes, tricked by the falls.
From the tricky cavern to the bloody casket
Galloping horse, cursed by remorse.

From the bloody casket to the rhythmic sonnet.
Closing the prose.  Eulogy goes.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F.  All Rights Reserved.