The Colorful Butterfly by Joel F

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The Colorful Butterfly –

Did you see the signs
The big things that you asked
Ignored by above
when you think it was not enough?

The flight that you missed
the wings that did not exist
The lure of the nectar
when you were still a caterpillar

The time you do not hold
as you crawl to find your abode
the leaves that you kissed
when your world is in abyss

The changing of the seasons
As your color resembles the reasons
Suddenly you turn around
as it changes your breeding ground

The sights you were astound
when you discover your wings
and finally found
that flowers are not a dream
but a part of your color scheme

As you hop in and enjoy your flight
you no longer wonder why
everything takes time
because you are now
the colorful butterfly.

poem about transformation, awakening, joys of joel poems, poem about butterflies
The Colorful Butterfly –

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The View From The Window

the view from the window, joys of joel poems, reflections from the window
The view from the window

The view from the window that i always fail to see.
The days that quickly passed, now seem so slow to me.

I look down and i see, the pool that is so blue.
I wonder why it matches the sky that’s also blue.

The loud noise that i hear while speeding cars pass by.
The yellow orange street lights i seldom notice right.

Until that tuesday evening when that bad dream woke me up.
The wind that touches me, while the nightmare wraps me up.

I stood up and i see , that beautiful rectangular lights,
seem like the  white chocolate bars i forgot to eat last night.

The little things i ignore, i never realized
one day would light me up, it only needs the time.

The shooting star i suddenly see, when i started looking out.
The view from the window is changing me somehow.


Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.