The Glenbow Museum

theglenbowmuseumLocated in Downtown Calgary and known as the Largest Museum in Western Canada,  i visited this museum and was taken back to the 80’s and beyond. The featured theme that time was Made in Calgary, an art exhibition of everything made in Calgary. From paintings, sculptures, crafts , installations and other mediums. House in several storeys, every storey narrates a story. Explorations and Fur, Festivals and History, Truly worth a visit!

Hold Your Horses

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Hold Your Horses – Photography by joel F —

Known as a cowboy country, what is Calgary without ranch and horses? No wonder their biggest festival is Calgary Stampede…an annual rodeo exhibition show.  It’s no surprise when i saw this awesome artwork in Glenbow Museum featuring a Galloping Horse. Beautiful!


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Calgary Tower

calgarytower With a reasonable price, one can see Calgary’s Skyline by visiting The Calgary Tower. I took several shots of the tower from a distance while walking on the park, on the overpass bridge.on the way to the museum .  Getting inside the tower gives you a different perspective, this time looking from the top.  A “must do” once you’re in Calgary.