Puppy Love and My Purple Bike

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The dancing leaves
The sound of wheels
The ringing bells
And the soft wind breeze.

The stars at night
That sparkle and shine
While i ride my bike
To see you that night.

The bridge that i crossed
As the river flows
Into your arms
I’m suddenly tossed.

The smile in my face
When i see the door
A few steps to take
And i’ll be on your floor.

The lights went out
When i heard a voice
Longing to shout
That it made a choice.

The stars start to hide
As the wind replied
The kiss that i see
And it’s not for me.

I turn and walk away
With no words to say
Your eyes can’t lie
They’re saying goodbye.

As i ride my bike
With nowhere to go
I close my eyes
Tears start to flow.

As i crossed the bridge
On a starless sky
Lightning strikes
On a rainy moonlight.

Now i’m riding my bike
And pass the same road
It looks different this time
As i paused and slowed

A smile on my face
As i crossed the bridge
Remembering the rain
That i thought won’t go away.

Embraced by the sun
Kissed by the wind
I’m still riding my bike
Through the cycles of life.


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Life is A Beautiful Ride

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Life is A Beautiful Ride – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

It  only takes a few seconds to inspire people with a beautiful photo. I should know, the moment i saw my friend Kevin’s bike photo on his facebook, I instantly asked him if i can use it.

I did a little tweaking , add my quote and voila, now i have something to post.

Thanks to Kevin  it saved my day and let me reminisce my bike moments not too long ago. I’ve got lots of fond memories biking around.

Truly,  life is a beautiful ride.

*** Do you still remember your favorite bike memories?  I Do.  
Let me Share You Mine.

Kindly Click This and Read  Puppy Love and My Purple Bike.  Thanks.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.