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Beholden –

Summer singing

Its lovely goodbye

still you say

don’t leave me sunshine.


Leaves are falling

turning golden,

still you think

you are beholden


To memories

of summertime

like chasing

elusive butterflies


but when winter

showcase its




you dream

of bonfire




for you

rather kiss

the breeze

of yesterday


than embrace

the beauty

of tomorrow’s




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Copyright © 2016 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.




60 thoughts on “Beholden

    1. Yes Annika, it’s so true.. There are people who are trapped in the past and can’t move on and look forward to the beauty of tomorrow. But then everybody has their own journey. Different folks, different strokes. 🙂
      Thank you Annika for appreciating it. I’m glad you like the title.

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  1. Love it…. the past summer, we only remember the nice warm not the much to hot days, in tge present winter we suffer with cold feet, recognizing the snowflakes make our shoes wetnot seeing the miracle of there white cristal structure…the future ..e are ancious because of tgings we dont know instead of being curious… human beings;)

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    1. Thanks Trixi for sharing your beautiful perspective. Yes, we’re just human to be anxious of the future and take the precious present for granted, how we sometimes don’t recognize the beauty of snowflakes crystals because what we feel is the coldness of winter in our life. Thanks you for that beautiful thought. Thanks too for stopping by. Enjoy the weekend.


    1. Thanks Poetrylover for noticing my blog. I appreciate it. i stop accepting nominations. I apologize if i don’t have Award Free Notification for this blog.
      Thanks for understanding. Have a lovely weekend.

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    1. Thanks SS for the compliment. I learned rhyming when i was in grade school….you know that time when we need the poem to rhyme otherwise our teachers will give us c minus? lol…… I guess i never outgrew that.. ..Chocolates and rhyming poems i think i’ll nver outgrw.

      Thats why up to now i call my poems The Grade School Poem 🙂

      Thanks SS for taking time to read it. Enjoy the weekend.

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  2. What a great poem . So true, we humans sometimes hate to let go, until we do and then realize….that was not so bad; moving on.

    Thanks for visiting me. 🙂 Keep up the wonderful poetry. Do you enter contest or submit for publication?

    Happy Saturday 🙂

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    1. Thanks Peabea for sharing your thoughts. Nope, i never tried entering any poetry contest. Never submitted any poem to any publication.

      Well, the last time i submitted a poem was in grade school, it’s not actually a contest, it’s like a homework thing but my teacher turned it into a contest. lol.
      Thanks too for visiting. Enjoy the weekend.


    1. You’re not alone. We’re humans, and we’re all guilty of looking back once in a while. Thanks too Ann for the time. Enjoy the weekend and all the weekends ahead.


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