The Red Poncho by Joel F

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The Red Poncho –


You knit or you weave,
whatever it is
The red poncho when i see,
reminds me of your kiss.

The magic of its fabric
The strength of its stitch
The mystery of its weave

The warmth of the yarn
that embrace me as i wear it
Somehow i knew
the red poncho is like you.

It covers me when i’m naked
though i wonder why it’s knitted
in a way that’s complicated.

Just like the memories
that you leave
the red poncho
reminds me

As you knit and weave,
that a needle is needed
to create a lingering memory.



Kindly click/tap this to read   Selective Amnesia. Thanks.



Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.



36 thoughts on “The Red Poncho by Joel F

  1. As always I read your posts and wonder if I should bother putting pen to paper 😁. Your words come alive Joel And it’s always so sweet even when it’s sad. Thus gave me warmth as I read through it. Beautiful beautiful words. Thanks for sharing 😊💟

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You’re welcome Sunesiss. Thanks too for sharing your thoughts. Your encouraging word is music to my ears. Thanks too for stopping by. Have a lovely sunday.


  2. Oh, please call me Robin. Awhile back I sped read through a few of your blogs and you “scolded” me. I didn’t take it personally. As far as I know, I still follow you just don’t get any notices in my email account due to blogging on a Galaxy 6 phone which says I have too much of my storage space taken up to ” be in synch” with both WordPress and Hotmail. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, i scolded you? I din’t know i’m doing that through my poem. 🙂
      Thank you for letting me know Robin, i appreciate that.

      I understand, yes that happens to me too, i can’t read all the posts of all the blogs i’m following and i know that’s okay. We just don’t have the time..

      Thanks too for the follow, the likes and most importantly for sharing your thoughts (leaving your comments) here.

      Have a lovely weekend. Take Care.


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