I Don’t Know How to Spend My Time Wisely

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I Don’t Know How To Spend My Time Wisely – – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

If time creates memory and memory defines time, where am i?
Am i still in the past when i hope that the good things i have will last?
Or am i now in the present when my future steps in a split second?
For sure i’m not yet in the future because i still keep my prayer in my door.

If my past defines my future, where will my present be?
Is it in the middle of the two, a prelude to a future past beyond my grasp?
If my present decides my future, Who decides my past?
Wasn’t my past, was also once my future in the not so distant present?

Time really confuses me, so i let go of my time. They say spend it wisely.
Does being wise mean you spend your time preparing for your future?
But how can you prepare for your future without neglecting the precious present?
How can you be wise when it goes so quickly?

Good thing i got memories.
But memories belong to the past not the future.
And time moves in a different direction, memory in another.
Time moves forward. Memory relives the past.

I’ll just enjoy the moment. I don’t know how to spend my time wisely.
I’ll just use it.


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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How to Spend My Time Wisely

  1. Oh my! I like this one Joel! I particularly like the line, ‘wasn’t my past was also my future in the not too distant present?’ The coming to full circle!
    I think we can all relate to trying but failing in spending our time wisely! Perhaps it is our way of recouping from stress and perseverance in all that we are obliged to do.

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    1. Yes, that’s a great thought Wendy. We fail in spending our time wisely,

      and most of time we only equate a time well spent on those moments of success. We always believe that we have only spend our time wisely when we achieved our goals, when we succeed on something, without realizing that time spent in mistakes is wisdom learned.

      Thanks Wendy for spending time with this blog. I appreciate it, you leaving some thoughts. Have a great weekend.

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