My Blue and White Umbrella

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My Blue and White Umbrella –
They say that the sun won’t shine until you put the umbrella away.  But how could it be if you are both my umbrella and my rain?

The blues that i knew when the rain starts to sing.
No matter what they say, i can’t really dance in the rain.

Even if i got the umbrella to shelter me
Deep inside i knew, i’ll never be free.

So i waited for the sun
and threw the umbrella in my hand.

but still, i can’t understand,
why the heat, i can’t totally withstand.

My blue and white umbrella i instantly recall
I suddenly need it when the sun shines after all.

I close my eyes
and finally realized

it’s because
sometimes you are my umbrella
but most of time , you are my rain.


my blue and white umbrella, joys of joel poems, rain and umbrella quotes
My Blue and White Umbrella –

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