My Pink Cotton Candy

childhood, memories, cotton candy, sweets,poetry, joys of joel

The wonders it brings to my young eyes and my curious mind everytime i see how the cotton candy man twirls his white stick and magically create the pink cloudlike candy. The sweet taste that will always linger even after it was gone.

The excitement i feel everytime i hear that sound , the ringing bells outside our home telling me that my pink cotton candy is just within reach.

The disappointment i feel when i dip into my pocket and discover that i need a few cents more to get that cloud shape candy. And the inexplicable happiness when a friend reminds me not to worry because we can share what she have. Oh, The simple joys of a childhood bliss.

The anticipation of going to carnivals and fairs because i’ll see a lot of cotton candies. This time not just pink, but wonders of wonders, the amazing feeling of discovering that blue cotton candies exist. The friendship that blooms , the bonding it creates, the hope that springs from my pink cotton candy memories.

If life is a carnival, i know it won’t be complete without my pink cotton candy and i know no matter how sweet, some things are not meant to last so i just savor the moment and let the sweet memories stay forever.

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