Rock and Water

Rock and Water, joys of joel poems, photography and poetry by joel f
Rock and Water

On top of the ridge and looking down below,
rock and water i feel the earth on my toes.

The splash that i see,
the sound that i hear

the splendid scenery
and all its mysteries.

A moment recaptured
when i hear that splashing sound

the beatings of my heart
i know you’ll never hear.

Some say it’s just a fancy thing
that will soon pass, just like a fling

but how could it be
if it’s only you who can make my heart sing.

Be strong like a rock
and never give in.

but the water is so inviting,
can’t help not to swim.

To hear that splashing sound,
to see that water splashing

To stand like a rock
and never giving in.

Rock and water
that i see all below

i know someday will come back
when the memory overflows.


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