The View From The Window

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The view from the window

The view from the window that i always fail to see.
The days that quickly passed, now seem so slow to me.

I look down and i see, the pool that is so blue.
I wonder why it matches the sky that’s also blue.

The loud noise that i hear while speeding cars pass by.
The yellow orange street lights i seldom notice right.

Until that tuesday evening when that bad dream woke me up.
The wind that touches me, while the nightmare wraps me up.

I stood up and i see , that beautiful rectangular lights,
seem like the  white chocolate bars i forgot to eat last night.

The little things i ignore, i never realized
one day would light me up, it only needs the time.

The shooting star i suddenly see, when i started looking out.
The view from the window is changing me somehow.


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