My Blog Award and Why I Didn’t Accept It

I received a lovely blog award nomination from felicity. But i was confused, to accept the award i must:

Nominate my 15 favorite bloggers (bloggers i admire)

– My favorite bloggers are not just 15 as i consider all the blogs i follow as my favorites. Each one teaches me a different lessons everytime i read their articles. Each one made me smile.  Just as i love to give a link to their websites, which i know in due time i will but i’ll just do it one at a time.

and to those i do not follow yet (as if i matter, hehe, with most of them having more than a thousand followers anyway), i still read them from time to time and i can assure them that I REALLY READ THEIR POSTS and I REALLY MEAN IT when i clicked that Liked button.

Life is short, i don’t really have to click that like button just to get some traffic as i’m not really into seliing online tutorials here or endorsing products to earn money, (although i know someday i’ll go into that 😉 in which case someday i know i will all need your help ). I am so thankful  to all of you who drop by,  like and follow my site. Again thank you.

7 Things About Myself

After posting my almost naked photo on this site, what else do i have to say? That says it all.  And if  i speak more by showing more photos of that kind, i’m quite sure WordPress will be flooded with RTCTW. What does it mean? Never mind , that’s just my dramatic way of saying it takes a lifetime to know me and 7 is such a big(?) number  I myself, up to now, sometimes wonder who i really am and why i am in existence.  I’m having a hard time coming up with 7 things about myself that might interest you.

Ok just to please you “I Love Chocolates, ice creams, cakes , anything sweets, including Sweet Guys” …Chocolates, ice creams. cakes, anything sweets, sweet guys…that’s 5, ok, make it  sweet love, sweet dreams, so that’s 7. 😉

Thank The person who nominated you and link back to them in your post

Just because i did not accept the award because of those two reasons , it doesn’t mean i can’t link you back to Felicity.

Thanks Felicity.  More power to your beautiful website.


Kindly Click this and visit Felicity.  Thanks.