The Copyblogger and Infographics

I would never imagine that i would be reading this thing. How time changed my reading habits.  A decade ago i would spend my time browsing fashion magazines and home journals. Things that give me a get go while designing fashion jewelries and home accents.  Now a different road has taken me off the path and surely i’m loving every minute of it.

Learning is really an unending journey. Blogging on wordpress taught me a lot of things.  Now it excites me reading the copyblogger, learning about the benefits of infographics, the meaning of SEO (w/c at first sound more like a CEO) and the wonders of keywords and meta tags which up to now i’m still totally clueless.

Sometimes temptation would rub me and once in a while reprimand me to follow that keyword poilcy for that golden Seo rules in driving traffic to my site through that “faster than nascar ” search engine. 😉 .  But if i’m too conscious in writing for that search machine, what happens to my poetry? You just can’t follow it all the way and still end up creative (?)

Hmm, Well, life is a compromise. you can’t always have your sweet cakes and end up not being diabetic. In the end it’s a matter of choice: whether you write just for yourself or for your readers or both.  And if you choose both, that leaves you no choice but to learn the rudiments of web traffic, search engine and brilliant content.

Still creativity sacrificed is creativity gained.  It’s like surfing the waves , having the surfboard , never turning your back on the incoming waves. Learned to flow with it, through it and learned that no matter what, one needs the surfboard and the waves, one needs the other, to stay longer.

And what happens to creativity as an artist? It is always there. Keeping your readers and learning the curve is always a creative journey.

Oh, by the way, i don’t really want to cheat you by not posting this creative infographic from copyblogger, enjoy it.

by JoeL F



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