I am Jessica Rabbit

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Dropping by at an art exhibit , i happened to see a cartoon artist. For a few dollars he’ll create your cartoon portrait.

Suddenly confusion, illusion or simply wild imagination made me think. If i will spend a few dollars, why would i need a sketch of my face? I have tons of photos on my facebook anyway. Besides, i can always look at the mirror and create a better portrait of myself, anytime for free (although sometimes that doesn’t always lead to happy endings)

So i rather spend that moment fulfilling a life long childhood dream… .. to be one of those fairy tale divas.

Once again in my adult life i’m faced with a million dollar question:

If i could be a fairy tale character, who would i be?

Cinderella? Nope, i had a very happy childhood.

Sleeping Beauty? Hmm, true love kiss and a prince, almost , but my dad is not a wicked king. .

Okay, let’s try Snow White, but i don’t have a wicked stepmother.

Aha, since i consider myself beautiful, why not Belle in Beauty and The Beast?
Although all my exes are goodlooking, i soon discover they are really beasts or is it just me turning into a witch after consulting my magical mirror discovering that my exe’s would rather have a young beautiful naive maiden than a power driven envious ambitious queen. No, still not me. I was never fascinated by a talking teapot anyway.

I love the ocean but i can never be Ariel The Little Mermaid. I can’t sing and swim at the same time.

Definitely i will never be Rapunzel. I refuse to believe that only a man can rescue me. I’ve got my wits and my long hair, i can be my own hero.

I almost give up, until i notice a Dickies printed shirt worn by a passing stranger. Since the word “dick” always excites me, i think i’d rather go for Dick Tracy’s movie. What else but ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit.”

No way, i’m not gonna be Roger. Yes, I am Jessica Rabbit!

Although Jessica is such a cheater (i’m always faithful when i’m in love), the only reason i love her is her red va va voom dress, curvacious body (which i know i’ll never have) and that super mega red lipstick, that ever flashy red heels and her vivaciousness in making men salivate with her presence.

I’m not saying that women without curves aren’t sexy. Sexiness is a state of mind of course. It’s just that, Jessica can hold a gun sometimes even better than a man can. Although, I admit that sometimes she acts like a narcissistic bitch.(But who isn’t narcissistic in the current world of instagram kingdom?), still her fiery action filled comedy story remind me that happy endings are not always about kisses.

Enough said, yes i am jessica rabbit , with or without that eight inch carrot stick. 🙂


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