Eaton Centre Toronto

toronto eaton centre, toronto shopping malls, joys of joel travelsI’m not really a shopaholic, ok, once in a while i got bitten by this adrenalin rush to drop by in the malls because of that to die for once in a century sale event.

There was no off season sale when i was in toronto and still i went inside.

The largest mall here in downtown toronto,  Eaton Centre is a great place to unwind and shop of course.  A colorful maze (not that i got confused finding my way) that will lead you anywhere you like to your sursprised.  A huge foodcourt with thousands of dishes, countless shops and great interior, although its ceiling reminds me of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport’s Ceiling. (How similar or is it just my mind?) That’s what you get when you walk and stroll bringing your lens and your jacket pass lunchtime without anyone in tow.  Good thing a friend arrived buying me a milkshake.  Now she wants to go shopping while i go window scanning.