Alone in Toronto Island

torontoisland  Just a few minute walking distance from the CN Tower, one can drop by in Toronto Island Park. Consisting of four main islands, there’s so much to do once you’re here.

Several  ferrys for each destination would bring you to different entry points.  I pick  the “Center Island”  as my entry point.

One can  stroll all over the island regardless of  your chosen entry point as long as you have ample time, It’s  always better to go early and have an entire day enjoying the different parts of this park..

One can have picnics here, dive on several beaches or go to the mini wonderland “Centerville” and enjoy the amusement rides for kids and adult. You  can also go biking as several rental shops are available, or spend time  animal watching in the mini zoo. I’ve found the place is also good for bird watching, flock of  birds flying or just resting on the ground oblivious of the humans is a normal sight.

I happened to see  a show crew shooting some scenes for an online movie. Well, i just didn’t stay long enough to stay in that area as i still have to visit all the attractions  listed on the guide maps. Overall, i can say this is a must see place once you’re in toronto, it’s like a countryside within a city, a different air from the busy downtown toronto.

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