CN Tower Toronto

torontocntowerOne of Canada’s most recognizable and celebrated structures, The  CN Tower redefines Toronto’s tourist attractions when it was built. It holds the record as the world’s tallest tower for 34 years from 1976 to 2010. Although it no longer hold the Guinness Book of World record for that, it still holds the record as “The World’s Highest Wine Cellar” since 2006.

Going there alone, i knew i won’t have a hard time having my photos taken as so many tourists line up at the ticket booth, so many helping hands around.

Security is well enforced , one was greeted with a security personnel and an x-ray scanner (the one that you normally see at the airport) as soon as you reach the entrance at the viewing floor.

One can go to three different observation decks (depending on the price you pay) namely outdoor observation terrace, where you can see the so called  “glass floor”, the indoor observation level (lookout level) and the topmost level (spacedeck or skypod)..

I tried all the three viewing decks and i almost got blown away by the strong wind when i tried viewing the skyline, only a protective screen separates you from the strong wind current, a remarkable experience. You can also watch a complimentary 3d cinema after your viewing deck experience , which i did or buy your souvenirs from the shop inside the tower.

From time to time the CN tower management come up with innovations to  keep the tourists coming. In 2008 , North America’s first and the World’s highest glass floor paneled elevators were introduced and 3 years later “Edgewalk” was created. A thrill walk around the circumference of the roof on the ledge that rings the pod while one is tied up on air outside, whew! I don’t have the guts to do this.

I wonder what’s their next innovation after 2014. Whatever it is, just don’t forget to drop by here once you’re in the city.  As one of the locals told me “You’ve never been to Toronto if you’ve never been at the tower.” – by JoelF



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