Bugis Street Singapore

bugissingapore Although there are countless high end boutiques and really modern shopping malls in Singapore, one should still drop by in Bugis Street.  It is  a must see shopping district for those who are not into high end shopping like me . Truly a mecca for shoppers and bargain hunters, the best flea market in Singapore i would say. One can see a variety of reasonably priced souvenir and give away trinkets, keychains, ref magnets and the popular “I LOVE SINGAPORE” shirts. And even if you’re into high end shopping, you’ll still enjoy your visit here, one of the “must do” experience in this country and with a variety of  local refreshments and food outlets, one doesn’t need to go far to have a taste of the local cuisine and street food.  It’s a mix of Chinatown, Little India and toned down Orchard. No wonder it’s always included in the list of Singapore’s Top Attractions.  –  by JoelF


"I Love Singapore"
“I Love Singapore”
The colorful Bugis Street
The colorful Bugis Street


my one dollar thirst quencher
my one dollar thirst quencher


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