My Kind of Traffic

bikesI was in the local mall when i saw an exhibit of assorted motorbikes and scooters, Sudenly i remember something. As soon as i’m home, i open my ipad and search my old photos (not that old, my recent travel photos i mean, hehehe) and i saw lots of photos of people biking. I don’t know why, during that time i was traveling , i just took random photos of anything i see, street photos you can say. I never thought that i could put them together in a blog. Who would have thought  i would enter this blog thing anyway?. hehe. So here it is my Bike Pics…Thanks to that poster i saw somewhere down the Ottawa river pathway along Alexandra Bridge, i don’t have to think about creating a title for this post.  Their tagline “My Kind of Traffic”  is  so catchy and appropriate for this post.  Oh by the way, i have to ride my bike again, it’s been a month since i bike for miles, too bad it always rain! I wonder where i’ve kept my “Maid in the Mist” raincoat souvenir, time to use it again. 🙂


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