Welcome To M&M’s World

ILOVEMMSSince i already blogged how i love M&Ms as my favorite childhood chocolate. I’m here to show some of the photos i have kept during my visit to their M&M world shop in las vegas boulevard. I was in vegas strolling when i saw their huge store facade while walking  on the other side of the street. I hurriedly went to this shop and end up so enthralled by it.

It was a huge four storey building that will blow your mind away (lol, pardon for the pun), i just enjoyed my trip there as it reminds me of my childhood  m and m’s memories .. hehehe. You can see assorted chocolates in all its splendor, :-), souvenirs and give-aways:  mugs, pillows, clothes, toys, cookie jars, the list goes on.

I enjoyed the M&M 3d movie entitled “I left my M in Vegas,”  yes, it’s a 3d movie complete with 3d glasses!  with M&M’s as the leading stars…so cool and funny!  Then you can go to their chocolate center where they show (simulation in a glimpse) how M&M’s candies were made, with peanuts and chocolate as their main attraction.  You can also have your photo taken with that 200 dollar jacket beside a Nascar M&M car! Nope, i didn’t  buy that jacket, i just asked permission from the saleslady if i can wear it, just for a minute while i’m having my one minute “nascar feel.”  Lol.  Too bad  I lost almost all  my previous photos saved on the usb and wasn’t able to retrieve some of them when friendster closed. Who would have thought that i would need them someday for a blog? (lol)  including that one where i’m standing next to a 1,000 dollar mini rollercoaster made of chocolate m&ms!

Oh and even if you’re not a chocolate fanatic, trust me you will enjoy your visit in M&M’s world..  Besides, after that M&M store, you can drop by at The Coca Cola Memorabilia Store ( another cool shop), just a door away from M&M.  Who says soda and chocolates don’t mix? 😉  –  by JoelF


mm1mm23  mmvg

M&M's and Coke store within distance..who says chocolates and sodas don't mix? heheh
M&M’s and Coke store as neighbors…who says chocolates  and sodas don’t mix? heheh
the stars of the show “I left My M in Vegas” 3d movie


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