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niagarafallsA few years way back while touring the Grand Canyon in Arizona, I overheard a stranger standing next to me on a cliff that Niagara Falls is just like the Grand Canyon, only a waterfalls version….so I promised myself that next time I’m in Canada, Niagara Falls should be in my top list. Here I am, finally seeing her majesty in her splendid purity! lol.

Well, only  a few hours from downtown toronto, you can  reach the town of niagara either by taking  a public bus straight to niagara or  via rail (train) or avail of the package tours being offered in your hotel. I decide to go there all the way commuting through the bus. When the lady on the bus terminal asked where i’ll be going, i told her i’ll go to niagara falls, then she asked me “would you like to go straight to niagara or dropby in st. catherine?” i asked her what’s in saint catherine? She told me, you can look around there  while wait for a bus heading to niagara, if you’ve got the time but if you take that route, you’ll be taking 3 bus rides starting here before you reach the niagara center while if you take the niagara ticket, it’s only one straight bus ride and you save a little for one ride.  Hmm, several bus rides before i see the falls, that must be exciting! I bought the ticket to St. Catherine and told her, i’ll just buy the ticket to niagara when i reached st. catherine. hehehe.

I arrived in St. Catherine past 2 pm. Have a walk around the neighborhood, ate late lunch and an hour after decide to go back to the terminal to buy a ticket and wait  for the bus. Finally i arrived in the small town of niagara. It breathe a mini vegas air.  Colorful billboards that advertise products, several hotels and restaurants and so many casinos! I was tempted to stroll around but was advised by a local, who i happened to chat with inside the bus that if i want to see the falls, i might as well go straight to it, buy a ticket and enjoy the experience before strolling in the center as the Maid of the Mist is open only until 5 pm during weekdays, she said “you can always stroll the center after that, it’s still kicking even on night time ,but the boat ride is only until 5.”  I thanked her for that so i walked straight to find the ticket booth, fall in line and alas see Niagara Falls.

niagara5It’s such an overwhelming experience, you get wet (literally), even with your raincoat on and see a rainbow in the end. Memorable!  During the trip, i had my photos taken on the top viewing deck as well as below the deck,  I roam around before we reach the eye of the falls. Enjoyable, you wouldn’t want to leave the boat , too bad i still have to stroll the center. hehehe. niagar8Oh, don’t ask me where and how i spent the night in this town, that will be good for another blog! hahaha. –     By JoelF


see that rainbow..
see that rainbow..



heading to the "eye"
heading to the “eye”
almost there
almost there


falls and rainbow
falls and rainbow


Receiving my "Maid of the Mist" raincoat.
Receiving my “Maid of the Mist” raincoat.
maid of the mist boat tour
maid of the mist boat tour
niagara town
niagara town

maid of the mist

the climax. lol. haha
niagara casino …the climax. lol. haha

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