The Dutch Treat

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The Dutch Treat –

Poffertjes, windmills, dutch clogs, tulips, what comes to mind when you hear these things?  Holland.

I remember having lunch with friends when one of them says “just order what you want, we’re going dutch anyway, ” to which i immediately reply “what?”  My female friend  came to my rescue when she said “Dutch Treat” then she followed it up by explaining it means “splitting the cost”  or in simple words “we’ll all pay the bill accordingly” which is so ironic : how can it be a treat if you pay your own bill anyway? And since when did it become a dutch trait that it was coined after a certain race, don’t we all pay our own bills when we eat out regardless of our nationality?

My friend suddenly give me this “what’s your problem kind of stare”, she advised me not to make simple things complicated, “Hey, we’re here to savor the cuisine and not to debate” ….yes , she’s right i can google  the origin of an idiom  anytime but for the meantime,  enjoy the meal and save my smart alecky attitude later.

Just because i’m munching my poffertjes doesn’t mean i can’t think,  besides i was never in a confrontational mood that time, i was just trying to do an ice breaker because the group didn’t have an interesting topic after a long hike. All they come up  is how we will all look good in our photos, narcissism at its peak.

Oh and by the way, my friend Mike said “if you’re wondering why it’s called a dutch treat when in fact it’s not an exclusive dutch trait, how about french fries,  do you think french when you hear that? To which Samantha answered “Well, fries originally started from a french province….blah blah” , she was cut off by mike and there you go, the long rebuttal has started even before our appetizer was served!  Mike ended up paying the bill and that even made our next meal more appetizing. Thanks to my ice breaker.


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