Turning The Pages

I love reading……articles, news, fashion magazines, journals. books. There is something with reading that makes you alive, a certain magnet that  hypnotized you.  I survived a few months without touching the television but i can’t recall a moment where i didn’t touch a book for few days. Oh yes, with the advent of technology who needs a tv if you’ve got the net, right?  Facebook, twitter, blogs and all those social media tools are all reading tools..you read other people’s lives by glancing at  their  photos, sometimes judging their character by the way they tweet (which is not fair) or going deeper into who they really are and what they truly want by just peeking on the things they “like” or “follow”… Not really a good barometer for categorizing people, but we all fall into that mistakes once in while, .after all we’re just human.

Although  social media reading is now the “in” thing , i still have this old fashion loyalty to reading books.books800 In fact i’ve read hundreds of them and a lot of favorites:  I love The Prophet by  Kahlil Gibran, my all time favorite, i was in college when  i even gave this book to  several friends on their respective birthdays….insensitive me, because i gave them what i want not what they really want and i call it gift.  Since they are my friends, they all thank me and some even showed their appreciation by citing some kahlil gibran quotes during our table conversations, although one really close friend of mine told me (this was yearssss after, i mean years) that she never really bothered to read the book until  her high school daughter ask her help to give reviews on the book as a school assignment ! lol, I replied “What?! but i gave you that book when you were still single? she said  “yes, aren’t you happy i kept the book knowing i changed houses several times?, I didn’t throw it because i saw your penmanship on the first page and by the way that was the first and last gift i receive from you with your signature on it.”…..there was a long conversation after that statement, lol, i replied saying the bracelets and all those accessories that i gave her as gifts didn’t have my name wriiten all over it but my heart’s on it when i design them just for her.. i even told her “See we are such close friends that i can foresee what you will need in the future , not what you want as a present.”  I even brag that she’s so lucky. she got a Psychic Friend. hehehe……she ended up treating me out for a a slice of chocolate cake and a cup of iced choco  in a nearby cafe…love it, i mean her!

I also love David Sedaris’  Dress Your Family in Corduroy and  Denim, the satiric and witty way of narrating his life,   The Alchemist by Paul Coelho (truly a masterpiece),  Anita Moorjani’s Dying To Be Me , her journey from cancer to near death to true healing, The Peanut Butter Gang by H. Jackson Brown Jr. with kid’s illustrations and their witty funny quotes made me feel young again, The Lonely Planet travel guide….my friends were laughing when they saw me bringing the book (the lonely planet featuring Philippines) during one of our local trips..”joel, what’s that for? We are in our own country, you don’t need that stuff.”   I still did bring it anyway……I also love Sidney Sheldon books, so hard to put down , can’t help not to keep turning the page until i’m  done…really love so many books, from inspirational (Mitch Albom’s The Five People You meet in Heaven ) , inspirational health books (Healthy at 100 by John Robbins…..dad actually bought all those health books and i all read them), to spicy interesting  books like  Jenna Jameson’s How to Make Love like a Porn Star, for its saucy details and nope, you don’t need to be a porn star to enjoy and learned some things from the book.

The web gave us so many ways to find  great books now……and really a thousand ways to learn and appreciate life because Life is A Book , as long as you keep turning the pages, you keep moving on,  surprises and lessons will be there for us. That’s all for now, the “Little Prince” is waiting.

By  Joel F.

Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

funny and witty ....one of  favorites
funny and witty ….one of my favorites


my all time favorite
my all time favorite


a masterpiece, one of my favorites
a masterpiece, one of my favorites

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